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Virtual Museums

Artlid's Virtual Museum is Web based Software that enables the exhibition, publishing and even linking to advanced searches of any collection.


The Virtual Museum can be implemented in any language and the navigator allows for an easy switch to any chosen language.


The museum integrates advanced technology so there is total security and the client controls the access to the exhibition with a password and username.


The museum can take advantage of the Virtual Museum to show to the public its treasures or to promote current exhibits.

Private Collectors

The private collector can display any of his collection for any given purpose. The exhibition can be for public show, for educational reasons or for philanthropic causes.


The Virtual Museum can serve the artist as both a museum for exhibition purposes and a sales sponsor. Through the Virtual Museum the artist is able to display his work to a wide variety of sectors thus promoting exposure to his/her work and further encouraging sales. The artist can administrate different displays showing galleries or collectors selected collections.

Academic Purposes

Artlid enables the presentation or online teaching for the university lecturers. The virtual museum is used by the researchers to publicize actual findings for exhibition to the universities, to the general public or to inform fellow colleagues.


Corporations can use the Virtual Museum and control their collection as well as publicize whatever they decide may be in their interest.

Art Dealers and Galleries

Dealers and galleries may promote their collection and sales through the Virtual Museum thus publicizing their items to the general public.

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