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Artlid in cooperation with university faculties has enabled researchers, artists and art experts to participate in The Artlid Project and contribute to practical training of cataloguing for students.


Lectures, symposia and informal discussions are part of The Artlid Project and this creates constant learning and development.


The Artlid software system is committed to the enrichment of those seeking knowledge and education. In that spirit, our professional staff in collaboration with museum curators have built the ultimate answer to archives and collections management. Artlid offers the collection the cataloguing module with external pools for added informational references. The system has a rich thesaurus, artists' bibliographies and resources on materials, techniques, styles and movements.


Furthermore; our search module can locate information contained in documents as well as the collection database. When needed the Advanced Search can serve the informational gap. The depth of the software allows for students, novice collectors or researchers to refine their knowledge.


Once a set or collection is established the system offers a printing module that creates a promotional catalogue that the collector/researcher wishes to print including only details chosen by the administrator. Anthologies about current topical collections as educational aids as well as exhibition publications are all available through the Artlid Software.


Artlid also manages several unique private collections which are stored on its premises, and is responsible for making them available to the public and to the academic institutions. Through these collections, reachable links collected from the internet and regularly enlarging the Artlid library by research Artlid enables the students to maximize their knowledge.

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