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To encourage the artists community, we together with the cooperation of the prominent business community, established the project of Artlid for the Artists' Community.

As part of the project, the business community will purchase works of art and in return the artists will enjoy the services of Artlid.

Artlid contributes its intrinsic attraction for the artists' community; the artist can exhibit his work so that the general public can see the latest artist works at any time worldwide on the internet. At the click of a mouse Artlid can transform the collection into an inspiring Virtual Museum providing the internet society with the impressive works of art. The artist can use the Virtual Museum to promote his works for exhibition or to show to galleries, private collectors and museums.

Through further use of Artlid the artist can easily manage the collection and control items classification, maintenance, insurance etc.

Artlid's Unique and Enriched Database

Despite Artlid's sophisticated technology it is user-friendly and available online, ready to be used by anyone. Our worldwide collectors whose demands we followed, helped us create a system that can exhibit advanced search options and enable the use of detailed bibliographies and a rich thesaurus.

Artlid's Special Services Donated to the Artists Community

Artlid provides the artist with the necessary software and hardware as well as renders the necessary professional services:

  • professional digital photography
  • oprofessional cataloguing
  • the creation of a personalized Virtual Museum
  • the internet serving as a promotional campaign
  • the design of a professional catalogue of artist works and installations to be exhibited to the public.
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