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Rare Books and Manuscripts


Artlid for Rare Books and Manuscripts

The Importance of Cataloguing

The cataloguing of rare books and manuscripts has added value for scholars and historians as well as to the public in general. The cataloguing process enables access to the item as well as the retrieval in search allowing for the discovery of added information. Cataloguing reveals history, protects heritage and preserves it for generations to come.

Artlid the Unique Software Solution for Rare Books and Manuscripts

Artlid's enriched dictionaries and thesaurus include predefined data such as: the background, origin, style, binding's description, typography, calligraphy, artistic techniques, evidence of previous ownership, value and documentation. The highly advanced search engine further optimizes and implements the identification process to enrich the collector.

The collector is able to enjoy the sophistication of the media and exhibit as many and exact images of the item depicting the book in full detail. All further viewing is done without handling the fragile item which can easily be damaged.

Artlid manages the collection and keeps track of the items and their: provenance, location, tasks, activities and value. Artlid's unique solution incorporates all elements of information necessary for the full control and management of the collection.


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