Art Collection management software

Art Collection management software (Enlarge)

Artlid helps Museums and Galleries manage and catalogue fine art collections as well as natural science to be presented worldwide.

Artlid aims to enable the Academia & Researchers to manage archives of their collections with the ability to follow through the origins and changes in order to track the evolutions of time. The natural sciences and the humanities enjoy the benefits of our solution which creates a unified global information infrastructure for the academic environment.

Artlid works on behalf of Cultural and Religious Heritage Sites cataloguing collections of historical treasures, archaeology, architecture and folklore to aid in the study of historical religious influence. Artlid aids in the cultural resource management enlarging the spectrum of cultural heritage.

Artlid aims to identify, analyze, and promote access to digitized contents aiding in the management of diversified collections such as fine art, archeology, architecture, cultural heritage, historical treasures, books and manuscripts and natural sciences through a flexible, user friendly and interactive solution.

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