Digital Archive

Digital Archive (Enlarge)

Artlid is geared for the academia and research institutions, museums, business organizations, educational and governmental institutions who hold large scale archives of visuals, slides, audio and video.

Artlid is an innovative online system that was developed using sophisticated technology to enable the cataloguing and management of digital information by anyone at any time without the limitations of quantity or language.

Artlid is based on international standards for storage, research and presentation while maintaining flexibility of cataloguing and client customization.

Artlid's sophisticated technology is user-friendly; it allows users to catalogue, manage, view and present at minimal cost with optimal results.

Artlid is designed using a superior major archive that comprises and connects to all the unique minor archives of the different departments maintaining their needs and flexibility.

Artlid was designed to create a simplified management process while allowing different archives full autonomy. The idea is that items from different archives could be connected and compared for research purposes yet catalogued in their unique category. Our superb major archive combines and connects the minor archives allowing for a full interaction within the system.

Artlid provides international standards for cataloguing and management of content, visuals, documents and media of any language, shape or size.

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